Time flies

I started a new internship this week.  I had to leave my other internship, because I had to drop my class due to my school being a P.I.A.  Anyway, boring story short,  no credit = no internship.  It is against their policy.  So unfortunately, I had to leave.  I really, really enjoyed my time there though and I definitely learned a lot and met some cool people.

Lucky for me, one of the guys at my old internship was nice enough to hook me up with another internship that doesn’t require credit.  It’s pretty cool so far.  Its right off Melrose Ave in West Hollywood. On my first day I answered phones and did script coverage.  Script coverage is basically, read a script, write a summary, and write whether you would recommend that it be made or passed on.   This place also does production work so I would get to learn that eventually, which I am really excited about.  Oh, they also do stuff with stand up comedians, which I am sooooo excited about!  One of the employees was even wearing an “Upright Citizens Brigade” sweatshirt, nice!

I keep feeling guilty about doing another internship and not like finding a second job or something.  I feel like maybe I’m too old for this.  But then I think that’s silly.  People go back to school when they are older and interning is like going to school in that you are learning a trade hands on.  Plus, I can’t go to college right now cause its mid-semester.  I’m doing this on my days off and I’m not sacrificing my full-time job to do it.  So really, what’s the big deal?  I can put this on my resume.  I can’t put “loafing around the house on my days off” on my resume.

So I’m interning Mondays and Tuesdays and then working at the animal hospital every other day.  My only day off  is Friday.  Coleen has off too so we have started going roller skating and swimming on Fridays.  I love the roller skating and I have to say its a pretty good workout too! Once I have the free time, I’d like to join a roller derby team.  I’m sorta scared of getting hurt, but I love skating and I love to play sports.  And I’m so sick of the usual sports and jocks and their Queen theme songs, so I think this would be perfect for me.  I also got myself some health insurance from work finally!  The only thing holding me back is that currently I work every Saturday night and that is when they have their games. 

Blurry iphone shot of the roller rink
I love their concession stand...They sell 10cent bags of popcorn!

Swimming is nice too.  Its the Echo Park Deep pool and its olympic sized with lanes and everything.  There are some amazing swimmers doing laps there all the time.  Its really cool to watch.  Its like being in the pool with Olympians.  My only problem with the whole experience is that since I’m made of sticks and hay, I get really cold (even tho the pool is totally heated!) and I tend to sink like a stone.  I have been trying to teach myself how to swim properly though and I made a little bit of progress, but I need lessons pretty badly.  Coleen floats around effortlessly like a cherub on a cloud, but I am like I got cement shoes on and I’m constantly panting and winded. 

I found this pic online of the pool

We also finally got to go to dinner with Shazzila. She is an awesome girl and a friend of our friend Aleix. She used to work at Girlie Action with him and then moved to Los Angeles.  All by herself!  Coleen and I so admire her courage.  She was a big inspiration to us and really made us see that moving to LA is totally possibly.  Especially being that there are 2 of us, and she was just one person! 

Shaz took us to El Chavo for happy hour on Sunset Blvd around the corner from our apartment.  We got potato tacos for the first time.  So good! And we chatted and had a really fun time.  I’m glad we got to finally hang.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. 

EL CHAVOOOOO! (i feel compelled to bellow this in a deep voice every time i go past this place)

Then the next night, we got to have dinner with Lou.  He’s in town on business with his girlfriend.  So not only did we get to see Lou, but we got an excuse to eat more tacos!  We went to our spot, Lula’s in Santa Monica.  Awesome Mexican place we seem to go everytime someone visits cos besides being cute, its one of the only restaurants we know.  Its so cool in there though, its decorated all Frida Kahlo and day of the dead style.

So that’s what’s new.  I can’t believe we’ve been here since September.  Its amazing to me.   The road trip out here just feels like a weird dream I had. And that first night here, when we were scared and in a new apartment, seems like ages ago.  Now before we know it, we are going to be moving out of this apartment to a new one! Time is flying, but I’m having fun and although I still miss everyone, I’m really happy I did this.

Recent photographs

I took all these pictures recently with my Nikkon D3000. This one is of a really old movie studio that’s on the end of our block. I think they used to make silent movies here or something. I forget the details, but I know Charlie Chaplin was involved…

Here’s a barber shop around the corner from us on Sunset. I went in recently to buy hair product and it was so cool in there. It was like a HUGE space inside with all barbers/hairstylists lining the walls cutting hair. I’m so tempted to get my haircut there now. The girl who sold me my hair stuff had the coolest hair too. Kinda like how mine was, with the long top and short sides, but hers was totally shaved on the sides and dyed black and blue. Way more daring. My total fantasy hair

This is a super tiny door on the side of that first building above.

Sunset Blvd:

Oh, this one is of my buddy Monster sleeping. He is seriously the best cat in the world. I just can’t imagine a better cat. His only flaw is the occassional ass dingleberry.

Chucky playing with Monster

Chucky trying desperately to get Monster to give him a kiss on the nose.  Not the best picture, but so cute…

First photography outing

The other day Coleen and I took a walk around Silver Lake so I could practice taking pictures with the DSL camera. I have been thinking again how I might like to get into camera work on tv/film sets. Its something I enjoyed doing in school, but kinda wrote off as never gonna happen. Now that we are actually living in LA, it doesn’t seem like such an abstract dream anymore. I talked to a friends who is a DP (director of photography) and he gave me some really helpful tips and encouragement. So I figure, since I don’t have a film camera, I can at least learn how to use a regular camera and teach myself lighting and composition that way.

I dont think these pictures are great, but whatever, I’m learning and that’s what I’m happy about. We went out as the sun was setting and turns out that was kind of a good thing for learning. The light kept shifting and therefore I had to keep adjusting the F Stops and shutter speed.

Anyway, if any of my photography friends are out there reading this and you have any tips on how I could have improved these pictures, or advice in general, fee free to comment!

Effie St.

I just love this door for some odd reason. Maybe cause I love the color grey.

House on the corner of Sanborn and Effie

I took this one at Coleen’s urging, cause the sun was hitting the house really nicely in that moment.

The gardens here are lovely.

Random Poster on Sunset

We figured out that this poster has Obama and Micheal Jackson it it, but who are the other two? Any clues?

Looking up at the palm trees
Palm trees *sigh* 🙂

Part of a store display
I just snapped this to see what it would come out looking like

Silver Lake school
This is a school on Sunset that has a really cute mural wrapping around it.

Furniture Store

The rest of the pictures I took that day are on Coleen’s Flickr page if you care to look. Also, I have to say it was really fun taking pictures around town, because so many people smiled when they saw the camera, gave us tips, or talked to us about it.

here it goes…

My first post on my first blog.  Well, I had one on Myspace, but I didn’t write on it that often. 

So I guess, first things first, this is me:

Me and James Dean in Hollywood
Me and James Dean in Hollywood

 Last month, Coleen and I moved to Los Angeles….Silver Lake to be exact.  We are originally from Kearny, NJ.  We always dreamed of moving here and have our various  diary entries, where we scheme and dream of moving to LA, over the past decade to prove it.

In this past year we saved our pennies, work bonuses, tax returns, etc and gathered up our gumption and did it!  We drove cross country with our 3 cats and 1 bunny to get here.  Which was another dream of ours to do.  Like countless other Jack Kerouac fans, once I read “On the Road” in high school I got the fever to be driving off into the sunset. 

I’ll have to post up some pictures from our drive.  I gotta say, the song is right, America, the Beautiful.  I actually got some national pride beaming inside me from this trip.  I had no idea just how beautiful our country is.  And how vast and varied! Like we drove thru farmland, mountains, evergreen forests, deserts, cities, canyons…. crazy

But now we are in LA, in our new apartment, trying to get ourselves some jobs.  We are going to volunteer for a local girls roller derby league.  Hopefully, we can eventually learn how to skate and maybe try out to be on an actual team!  For now we are just volunteer at events, cos without jobs we figure its probably not wise to be going out and buying roller skates and all that.  We did score 2 nice bikes for $40 from a nice couple in Arcadia.  Did you know they have wild peacocks just roaming around in that town?? I felt like I was in the safari at Great Adventure.  Thank god it is peacocks and not ostriches tho. You know how they always have to have all these ostriches in drive thru safaris. But seriously, I hate those guys with their big eyes and pointy feet…

But I digress…so anyway, I guess I’ll catch you all up on things as I go along with this blog.  I’m going to try and blog every day.  Woah, on the news they just reported that a woman was attacked in a karaoki bar for bad singing.  Like six people jumped her!  I bet you that “Total Eclipse of the Heart” song was involved somehow…