Vanessa’s photography

My friend Vanessa is an awesome photographer! She’s actually going to be published soon in a book called “Passages”. She takes these amazing pictures of doors and they are going to use some of her pictures in the book. She also captures a lot of great images inside abandoned buildings, which I love. I think growing up in an industrial area like we did, its hard not to find nostalgia in the decay of old factories and buildings and she captures it perfectly.

She also does a lot of lighthouses, events, as well as film photography on sets. Her stuff is just awesome. Here’s just a few of my favorites of hers:

If you want to see more of her work, you can check her out here:
Vanessa’s Photography Blog

And if you love photography books, you can check out the book she’s going to be in on Its not for sale yet, but you can preorder it if you feel so inclined:
Focus: Passages: Your World, Your Images

Recent photographs

I took all these pictures recently with my Nikkon D3000. This one is of a really old movie studio that’s on the end of our block. I think they used to make silent movies here or something. I forget the details, but I know Charlie Chaplin was involved…

Here’s a barber shop around the corner from us on Sunset. I went in recently to buy hair product and it was so cool in there. It was like a HUGE space inside with all barbers/hairstylists lining the walls cutting hair. I’m so tempted to get my haircut there now. The girl who sold me my hair stuff had the coolest hair too. Kinda like how mine was, with the long top and short sides, but hers was totally shaved on the sides and dyed black and blue. Way more daring. My total fantasy hair

This is a super tiny door on the side of that first building above.

Sunset Blvd:

Oh, this one is of my buddy Monster sleeping. He is seriously the best cat in the world. I just can’t imagine a better cat. His only flaw is the occassional ass dingleberry.

Chucky playing with Monster

Chucky trying desperately to get Monster to give him a kiss on the nose.  Not the best picture, but so cute…

First photography outing

The other day Coleen and I took a walk around Silver Lake so I could practice taking pictures with the DSL camera. I have been thinking again how I might like to get into camera work on tv/film sets. Its something I enjoyed doing in school, but kinda wrote off as never gonna happen. Now that we are actually living in LA, it doesn’t seem like such an abstract dream anymore. I talked to a friends who is a DP (director of photography) and he gave me some really helpful tips and encouragement. So I figure, since I don’t have a film camera, I can at least learn how to use a regular camera and teach myself lighting and composition that way.

I dont think these pictures are great, but whatever, I’m learning and that’s what I’m happy about. We went out as the sun was setting and turns out that was kind of a good thing for learning. The light kept shifting and therefore I had to keep adjusting the F Stops and shutter speed.

Anyway, if any of my photography friends are out there reading this and you have any tips on how I could have improved these pictures, or advice in general, fee free to comment!

Effie St.

I just love this door for some odd reason. Maybe cause I love the color grey.

House on the corner of Sanborn and Effie

I took this one at Coleen’s urging, cause the sun was hitting the house really nicely in that moment.

The gardens here are lovely.

Random Poster on Sunset

We figured out that this poster has Obama and Micheal Jackson it it, but who are the other two? Any clues?

Looking up at the palm trees
Palm trees *sigh* 🙂

Part of a store display
I just snapped this to see what it would come out looking like

Silver Lake school
This is a school on Sunset that has a really cute mural wrapping around it.

Furniture Store

The rest of the pictures I took that day are on Coleen’s Flickr page if you care to look. Also, I have to say it was really fun taking pictures around town, because so many people smiled when they saw the camera, gave us tips, or talked to us about it.