here it goes…

My first post on my first blog.  Well, I had one on Myspace, but I didn’t write on it that often. 

So I guess, first things first, this is me:

Me and James Dean in Hollywood
Me and James Dean in Hollywood

 Last month, Coleen and I moved to Los Angeles….Silver Lake to be exact.  We are originally from Kearny, NJ.  We always dreamed of moving here and have our various  diary entries, where we scheme and dream of moving to LA, over the past decade to prove it.

In this past year we saved our pennies, work bonuses, tax returns, etc and gathered up our gumption and did it!  We drove cross country with our 3 cats and 1 bunny to get here.  Which was another dream of ours to do.  Like countless other Jack Kerouac fans, once I read “On the Road” in high school I got the fever to be driving off into the sunset. 

I’ll have to post up some pictures from our drive.  I gotta say, the song is right, America, the Beautiful.  I actually got some national pride beaming inside me from this trip.  I had no idea just how beautiful our country is.  And how vast and varied! Like we drove thru farmland, mountains, evergreen forests, deserts, cities, canyons…. crazy

But now we are in LA, in our new apartment, trying to get ourselves some jobs.  We are going to volunteer for a local girls roller derby league.  Hopefully, we can eventually learn how to skate and maybe try out to be on an actual team!  For now we are just volunteer at events, cos without jobs we figure its probably not wise to be going out and buying roller skates and all that.  We did score 2 nice bikes for $40 from a nice couple in Arcadia.  Did you know they have wild peacocks just roaming around in that town?? I felt like I was in the safari at Great Adventure.  Thank god it is peacocks and not ostriches tho. You know how they always have to have all these ostriches in drive thru safaris. But seriously, I hate those guys with their big eyes and pointy feet…

But I digress…so anyway, I guess I’ll catch you all up on things as I go along with this blog.  I’m going to try and blog every day.  Woah, on the news they just reported that a woman was attacked in a karaoki bar for bad singing.  Like six people jumped her!  I bet you that “Total Eclipse of the Heart” song was involved somehow…