Time flies

I started a new internship this week.  I had to leave my other internship, because I had to drop my class due to my school being a P.I.A.  Anyway, boring story short,  no credit = no internship.  It is against their policy.  So unfortunately, I had to leave.  I really, really enjoyed my time there though and I definitely learned a lot and met some cool people.

Lucky for me, one of the guys at my old internship was nice enough to hook me up with another internship that doesn’t require credit.  It’s pretty cool so far.  Its right off Melrose Ave in West Hollywood. On my first day I answered phones and did script coverage.  Script coverage is basically, read a script, write a summary, and write whether you would recommend that it be made or passed on.   This place also does production work so I would get to learn that eventually, which I am really excited about.  Oh, they also do stuff with stand up comedians, which I am sooooo excited about!  One of the employees was even wearing an “Upright Citizens Brigade” sweatshirt, nice!

I keep feeling guilty about doing another internship and not like finding a second job or something.  I feel like maybe I’m too old for this.  But then I think that’s silly.  People go back to school when they are older and interning is like going to school in that you are learning a trade hands on.  Plus, I can’t go to college right now cause its mid-semester.  I’m doing this on my days off and I’m not sacrificing my full-time job to do it.  So really, what’s the big deal?  I can put this on my resume.  I can’t put “loafing around the house on my days off” on my resume.

So I’m interning Mondays and Tuesdays and then working at the animal hospital every other day.  My only day off  is Friday.  Coleen has off too so we have started going roller skating and swimming on Fridays.  I love the roller skating and I have to say its a pretty good workout too! Once I have the free time, I’d like to join a roller derby team.  I’m sorta scared of getting hurt, but I love skating and I love to play sports.  And I’m so sick of the usual sports and jocks and their Queen theme songs, so I think this would be perfect for me.  I also got myself some health insurance from work finally!  The only thing holding me back is that currently I work every Saturday night and that is when they have their games. 

Blurry iphone shot of the roller rink
I love their concession stand...They sell 10cent bags of popcorn!

Swimming is nice too.  Its the Echo Park Deep pool and its olympic sized with lanes and everything.  There are some amazing swimmers doing laps there all the time.  Its really cool to watch.  Its like being in the pool with Olympians.  My only problem with the whole experience is that since I’m made of sticks and hay, I get really cold (even tho the pool is totally heated!) and I tend to sink like a stone.  I have been trying to teach myself how to swim properly though and I made a little bit of progress, but I need lessons pretty badly.  Coleen floats around effortlessly like a cherub on a cloud, but I am like I got cement shoes on and I’m constantly panting and winded. 

I found this pic online of the pool

We also finally got to go to dinner with Shazzila. She is an awesome girl and a friend of our friend Aleix. She used to work at Girlie Action with him and then moved to Los Angeles.  All by herself!  Coleen and I so admire her courage.  She was a big inspiration to us and really made us see that moving to LA is totally possibly.  Especially being that there are 2 of us, and she was just one person! 

Shaz took us to El Chavo for happy hour on Sunset Blvd around the corner from our apartment.  We got potato tacos for the first time.  So good! And we chatted and had a really fun time.  I’m glad we got to finally hang.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. 

EL CHAVOOOOO! (i feel compelled to bellow this in a deep voice every time i go past this place)

Then the next night, we got to have dinner with Lou.  He’s in town on business with his girlfriend.  So not only did we get to see Lou, but we got an excuse to eat more tacos!  We went to our spot, Lula’s in Santa Monica.  Awesome Mexican place we seem to go everytime someone visits cos besides being cute, its one of the only restaurants we know.  Its so cool in there though, its decorated all Frida Kahlo and day of the dead style.

So that’s what’s new.  I can’t believe we’ve been here since September.  Its amazing to me.   The road trip out here just feels like a weird dream I had. And that first night here, when we were scared and in a new apartment, seems like ages ago.  Now before we know it, we are going to be moving out of this apartment to a new one! Time is flying, but I’m having fun and although I still miss everyone, I’m really happy I did this.

Today’s my fun day, my “I dont have to run” day

Sorry, if there’s anyone out there who cares, that I dont post more often. I have zero time to myself these days. Today I said screw it and I’m not gonna do a gd thing cept go to Target (which is the greatest store on earth so thats ok). I slept until like 1:30pm, then layed in bed and stared at my phone for who knows how long. Then I actually got myself up and made myself a hot cuppa coffee and a cupcake for breakfast! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!
The cupcake was an AWESOME surpise thanks to our great friend back home, Tiffany. She went to this vegan cupcake store that we love in Rutherford, NJ called Sweet Avenue Bake Shop and actually ordered us some cupcakes to be delivered to us in LA for Christmas. Ain’t she the bomb??? They are so good too! I just enjoyed a vanilla bean one and Coleen had the “Sexy Sadie” yesterday:

Sweet Avenue Cupcake

So anyway, like I said, I have been busy as all get out. In addition to working at the animal hospital still, and pet sitting when I can fit it in, I started interning in the casting department of a home makeover show. Its pretty cool. I love seeing what goes into making the show from start to finish. I know ultimately I would like to work on tv shows. Preferably on set, but I am liking casting a lot too, so maybe I’ll find I have a penchant for that. Who knows?
Me looking crazy, outside the office for my internship

Recently, I got to be an extra in a movie called GirlTrash. It is based on a web series with the same name. You can watch episodes on that site. Honestly, I havent watched any of the episodes cos of my lack of time, but the movie looks like its going to be good and a lotta fun. It’s made by this company called Power UP that are the same people that produced The L Word.
On the set of GirlTrash...pic courtesy of their website. In the background is the stage I stood in front of.

So the scene I got to be in was a concert scene. A battle of the bands is going on and so they had us extras be the concert audience dancing to the bands. I even got a sorta kinda line…One of the directors let me heckle one band by yelling “Boooo” at them when they make a mistake. Yup, I got to “boo” and I did it with such finesse too! I sounded just like a sick cow! It was amazing! Someone quick call IMDB!! Move over Angelina Jolie!! And stop hatin’ Perez!! I’m gonna boo you right outta Hollywood!
Yeah, so anyway, that was fun. It was so cool to see what goes into filming a movie. And I really loved it. I’ll keep ya posted when the movie comes out and if you can actually see or hear me in it, haha. They are going to be filming more later in the month, so maybe I’ll try and go back to be in it some more. Also, Power UP has a mentorship program that you can join. Its $200, but you get to mentor under thier directors, producers, DP’s, etc…whatever is your interest. I met many of the Production Assistants on set and they were all part of the mentorship program. I would die if I could do that. $200 is a lot of money right now though, but when I do have it, I think it would be so worth it. I mean, I spend that and more to take a class in college and this is just as much of a learning experience.
Oh and we went and got our Xmas tree the other night! We put it up and decorated it and it feels so festive in here now. Coleen really decorated the whole apartment like woah and its so nice to be in here. We got our tree at the Von’s supermarket this year! They are selling them in the parking lot for 30 beans. Not too shabby!
Our tree this year!

Oh and we had to go inside Von’s to get cash back to pay the tree dude and guess who we saw…”Claire” from LOST! According to one of the workers there, they are filming in the area. What? So we live in the same neighborhood as LOST?? I hope we see Sawyer!! What a dream boat!! Hopefully he’ll find a need to pick up some toilet paper the same time we do and we can oogle him!

Please Josh Holloway, shop at Vons! Its a wonderful marketplace!