Happy Ten Year Anniversary Coleen!!

So Coleen, being a person who blogs way more often than I do, totally wrote a happy anniversary blog before I got to.  I had uploaded the pictures that I wanted like on Friday, but because of work and whatnot, had not gotten to write anything about them.  Then come Saturday, Coleen’s all with the 2000 happy anniversary posts! The nerve!!  ;^.)  

(totally, totally kidding!!)

In all seriousness, thank you Coleen!!! I LOVED the posts!!!  The pictures!! And the songs!!! And you!!! I think we have the best life soundtrack ever!!!

Here’s my favorite pictures of us.  Of course, some of these pictures are totally the same as yours, but ya know, great minds think alike!

Here’s us down in Seaside (AKA The Jersey Shore) for my 20th birthday.  We went down there in the dead of winter, with everything covered in snow and all the guidos hibernating up north, and rented a hotel room with a bunch of our friends to party!  It was one of the craziest nights of my life.

This is the two of us in Epcot watching GOOD DAY NY being filmed.  They had the members of The Fifth Dimension on (they sang that song “Age of Aquarius” in the 70’s) and the lead singer Florence LaRue totally borrowed Coleen’s pink leopard print Mickey Mouse ears to do her segment.  It was awesome! 

That’s Coleen, Amanda, Tiffany, and me!!  Yes, The Tiffany of  “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame.  SO HONORED!!!!!  We met her at The Culture Club in the city.  Which is a really fun club that plays 80’s music only.  What’s more, is you tend to get hit on there by really geeky guys.  Which means, as a girl, you get bought a lot of free beer.  BUT you have to excuse yourself to go hide in the bathroom a lot.  Double-edged sword, but oh so awesome!!!

This one is me and Coleen riding through the dirrrty south in our rented convertable!! (How we got our filthy hands on a convertable, I’ll never know).  We were headed to Graceland coming from old Miss and New Orleans.  What a crazy time that was, omg… my memories include bikers, street urchins, psychics, crocodile mating calls, hookers with sharp teeth, and pitchers of beer that only cost a penny!!

Here we are in Graceland at the HeartBreak Hotel.  Some how we managed to arrive there exactly on Elvis’ birthday!  So there was some hot shot impersonator there signing autographs and taking pictures.  We didn’t realize we had totally bypassed a line of now-pissed-at-us middle aged southern women for a picture with faux-Elvis.  It was only after our eyes unglazed from his pleather shininess that we realized there was a queue full of dagger eyes!  We beat it outta there fast…We’ve seen what kinda damage riled up middle-aged women can do when they got their dander up! We been to a Rod Stewart concert!

This was in the city for St Patty’s Day.  I don’t know about other states, but in NYC/NJ you are expected to do St Patty’s day up right.  That means starting drinking at 7am and taking obscene amounts of liquor on the PATH train so you can be completely sloshed for the NYC parade at 11am!  Of course, a hundred of us went, took the PATH, got to the city and ALL HUNDRED of us had to pee, along with every other reveler in town, so I think we waited on line at the Manhattan Mall for like 3 hours, missed the entire parade, and went to this bar instead:

Here’s me and Coleen at our, like, 20th annual summer Poison concert!!! Don’t need nothin but a good time!!!! Right Sam and Frank??

Coleen and her old cat Mitten.  They were such a cute pair!!

This is the two of us meeting Janet Weiss, the drummer, from my favorite band of all time Sleater-Kinney. Unfortunately, we managed to piss her off.  We couldn’t figured out how to stand for the picture and kept wheeling around until we sensed a murderous rage from her and then we just cut the shit and posed. 

Notice Coleen’s studious piece of literature she’s got there…

So those are most of my favorite pictures.  I know there’s more, (and more recent ones), but I’d have to scour flickr for them.  Which maybe I’ll do sometime soon.  But for now, those are some of my fondest pictures of the two of us.  I’m sure the next ten years will produce some more craziness to capture on film!! 

Thank you Coleen for the best years of my life!!!  I love you!!!

To end, here’s my favorite song that makes me think of Coleen…It reminds me of back in the day when we would do the goth dance at Aldo’s and smile at each other :^.)

Stare Magazine

Stare Magazine (for web), originally uploaded by ykristyn.

I’m going to be re-scanning and editing all the comics I’ve done so far with Photoshop. This way my lines will be darker and therefore easier to read and I can save them in the correct file sizes and whatnot. I still don’t really have the hang of it all, but I do have a “how to” book! So that helps!! 😉

Anyway, I just redid the above comic that I had posted a few months ago. So again sorry for the repetition, but since I’m trying to learn Photoshop, I figured this one would be good to try and redo in color.

Only in My Dreams…

My mother saved my journal from second grade and gave it back to me last year. As I opened it up, I saw that the very first entry I wrote in there was all about my crush on Debbie Gibson! She was my first love and I was OBSESSED!! I used to make my parents rent me her music videos and concert tapes every single night from the video store! When they’d grow tired of running up to Video Tonight and start questioning my insatiable need for Debbie G, I swore to them it was purely due to my love of her music! Of course really I wanted to like take her out for dinner and a movie and draw matching smiley faces on our knees together and make beautiful romance, but why go into all that with them??

So here’s to you Debbie! Thanks for the memories… 🙂

Only in My Dreams, originally uploaded by ykristyn.

Take me back!!

Guess who likes to roller skate in Glendale?

Apparently, The Gossip love Glendale’s Moonlight Rollerway rollerskating rink as much as Coleen and I do! I wonder if they got a bag of the 10cent popcorn at the concession stand?

Here’s them performing “Standing in the Way of Control” at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Coleen and I went to this show of course (we rarely miss them when they play). The Gossip were AMAZING as always…

Here’s a sound check/interview with them at a show in D.C. I think we may have gone to this show too. Or at least we’ve seen them at this venue, the Black Cat, before. Its a really awesome bar/dance club and sometimes concert venue there. If you are even in DC, check it out….

Lady Gaga Flash Mob

Coleen and I at the Pink Party about to do a Flash Mob dance

So I talked about Flash Mob in my blog about the GLAAD Media Awards.  They are this dance group made up of literally anyone who wants to join and they perform at events or just in random places.  They did an awesome dance at the GLAAD Media Awards and it looked like a crapload of fun so we decided why cant us fools join too?

Now, lemme say this, I can’t dance.  I am uncoordinated, I am always off beat, and forever turning in the wrong direction.  When I go to weddings, it takes me like 75% of the song before I catch on to the electric slide.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve done the electric slide about a 1,000 times now.  I’m always a mess in aerobics classes and I can’t even follow a simple yoga workout video.   I mean, lets put it this way, I always liked going to goth clubs cos people just sway and look dramatic and that is about all I can handle.  So learning a fast dance, full of quick of hand and feet work, was going to be a huge challenge for me.

All you have to do to join Flash Mob is sign up for their emails.  Then they let you know when there is an event in your area and send you videos showing you how to do the dance.  They keep the location top secret though, cause its all about the element of surprise at these events.  No one knows that like 100 people are going to spontaneously bust into a dance together.  Its supposed to catch people off guard and be funny and entertaining.

So we joined up and got told there would be a Lady GaGa flash mob in the LA area on May 14th.  Coleen and I were super excited!  Then they sent us the videos teaching the moves and I got soooo intimidated! I was home from work and I was watching them and thinking that there is no way in hell I would be able to learn the dance!  I was pretty much going to tell Coleen that I would have to quit.  But then I forced myself to just give it a try at least. 

Well, I wound up spending all freakin day learning that dance and I actually had an awesome time doing it!  I actually learned the moves pretty easily and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  For someone who thinks the chicken dance is a challenge (wait, do I flap my arms now or is this when we clap a lot?), this was a huge break through for me!

Here I am doing the dance after practicing all day.  I totally mess up at the end, but whatever.  You can hear Coleen, of course, giggling the whole time too…haha…

We wound up doing the dance as part of Gay Pride Weekend for an event called The Pink Party in Long Beach. It was a lot of fun. It was an outdoors street party with a DJ and a drag show! We wound up doing a dance in front of the stage while this Lady GaGa drag queen performed.  I found a good video someone took of it on youtube. So here it is, the fruits of our labor!  You can sometimes catch a glimpse of Coleen and I.   I have a pink bandana on and we are like a few rows back on the left side.  There’s this girl with a huge pink Divine-looking head-dress on.  We are a little to the left and a few people back behind her…

Honestly, I was sooo nervous before we did it!  I was afraid of messing up, because we didnt get a chance to practice all day before going there.  And you know, I totally did mess up at least twice during the dance, but it was fine!  Who cares? I had a blast and I’d do it again! 

Here’s a couple other pics from the night:

Coleen at Johnny Rockets afterwards


Yours truly feeling foot loose and fancy free

And here is a bonus video of a go-go boy dancing to the beat in his pretty little head:

Video of the Day

The Jets. Back in the 80’s my sister used to have this album and I looooved it! Here’s my favorite song of there’s. I’m sure you’ll share my love for it. Like how I know you secretely love Menudo and Kriss Kross…

Now that I watched that, I think I’ll go out to my backyard and make up my own dance to it. Maybe I’ll see if my friends want to have a dance contest or something…Oh, I think I hear the ice cream man!

21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards Show

Coleen and I volunteered to be “celebrity escorts” again this year for the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards. We usually volunteer for the NYC event, but they have it in LA as well, so we were able to do it again despite our move. As usual, it was such a fun day and so exciting! I highly recommend anyone do it if you can (you don’t necessarily have to be a friend of Dorothy).

GLAAD, for those of you who don’t know, stands for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Their mission statement states:

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Every year in NYC, LA, and one other city, they hold their Media Awards show recognizing positive images of gay/lesbian/trans people in tv and film. They also give awards to nonfamous people who have stood up for gay rights in the news, or who have lost someone to a hate crime, or been discriminated against, as well as straight people who promote gay rights or positive gay images.

Coleen wound up being Constance McMillen’s celebrity escort. Which was so cool! Constance is the girl from Mississippi who when she tried to bring her girlfriend to her high school prom, they cancelled it on her. Then they sent her (and other *reject* students) to a decoy prom, while the rest of her classmates partied it up at their own prom. Disgusting right? Well, those homophobes can suck it, cause now Constance is a veritable hero and got invited to the awards show to present Wanda Sykes with the vanguard award. So let that hataz hate on!

Constance outside her high school

Constance was so nice too. She was intelligent, polite, sweet, and gracious. Everyone was loving her too. All the attendees kept stopping her, even celebrities, to talk to her, get their picture taken with her, and express their gratitude. It was just so amazing and inspiring to see.

Here’s Constance on “Ellen”:

As for me, I got to be a “floater”, which means I wasn’t tethered to a particular celeb all night, instead I had to bring different celebs from the entrance to the red carpet. Here are random pics I found online of the celebs I got to escort:

Tony winner Gregg Jbara with his wife:

Kirsten Vangsness from that show “Criminal Minds”

Justin Lance Black who won an Oscar for writing the movie “Milk”

Cory Monteith from the show “Glee”

and Devon from MTV’s The Real World, Brooklyn

All of the celebs that I escorted were super nice. After I brought each one down to the red carpet, my job was done. So I met up with Coleen in the ballroom to watch the big show together.

I snapped this pic during the show. Johnny Weir and Chazz Bono were on.

Constance was due to present the Vanguard Award to Wanda Sykes near the end of the show. When her time came, I got to tag along with Coleen when she brought Constance backstage. Which was awesome. I got to talk to Wilson Cruz (one of the hosts) whom I LOVE!! Well, honestly, he talked to me, I just nodded my head and smiled like a goon, haha… (He was “Ricki” in that show “My So Called Life”). I also got to watch Adam Lambert go on stage.

Once Constance went on stage, we watched from the side as she gave Wanda her award. Wanda’s speech was really nice and very funny of course. Then she posed for pictures with Constance backstage and they chatted for a while. Wanda has really done a lot to promote Constance’s story and help give her a voice.

Other celebs we saw were Brad from “The Rachel Zoe Project”, Johnny Weir, Rebecca Gayheart, Drew Barrymore, Chazz Bono, Jane Lynch and the entire cast of “Glee”, RuPaul, the entire cast of Real World, Brooklyn, Candace Kane, Benjamin Bratt, Eric Dane, Holly Robinson Peete, and I know there’s more but I’m drawing a blank right now.

Me sneaking a pic on the red carpet!
Coleen lookin fierce on the red carpet!

Once the show was over, they had a VIP after party, which we got to go to. It was so much fun. They had free drinks and a DJ so we sipped champagne and danced the night away. It was great! I think we are definitely going to have to do this again next year!

Coleen at the after party
Me at the after party enjoying the free champagne 🙂

Thanks GLAAD!!!