Guess who likes to roller skate in Glendale?

Apparently, The Gossip love Glendale’s Moonlight Rollerway rollerskating rink as much as Coleen and I do! I wonder if they got a bag of the 10cent popcorn at the concession stand?

Here’s them performing “Standing in the Way of Control” at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Coleen and I went to this show of course (we rarely miss them when they play). The Gossip were AMAZING as always…

Here’s a sound check/interview with them at a show in D.C. I think we may have gone to this show too. Or at least we’ve seen them at this venue, the Black Cat, before. Its a really awesome bar/dance club and sometimes concert venue there. If you are even in DC, check it out….

Start the riot!

I love me some Bikini Kill! When I was in high school this was one of the bands that inspired me. And still does. Here are the lyrics to the song Kathleen Hanna is singing in the video (cos i know you couldn’t understand a damn word she was saying):

I can sell my body if I wanna
God knows you already sold your mind
I may sell my body for money sometimes

But you can’t stop the fire that burns
inside of me
You think I don’t know
I’m here to tell you
I do

You think I don’t know
I know the truth
about you

Jigsaw, jigsaw youth
We go with the kids
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Jigsaw, jigsaw youth

We know there’s not
one way, one light, one stupid truth
Don’t fit your definitions
Don’t need your demands
Not into
win lose reality
Won’t fit in with
your plan

So where have all the riot grrrls gone? I know they are out there somewhere… I know I have friends who still consider themselves riot grrrls (and actually I know more boy riot grrrls than girls… Cheers to Coleen, Aleix, and Ray!)  But really, the time of riot grrrl is pretty much over.  And that is fine, I can totally accept that, things come and go, but I’m just curious about when we are going to have a strong musical  movement to take its place?  

I mean, we have The Gossip fronted by Beth Ditto, who are a band that is queer and fat positive, and they are awesome, but we don’t have any other girls or guys out there who are taking the mic and challenging people to think and question the status quo. I think we’ve become complacent. 

And there’s really no rocking women right now. What we have is a lot of Miley Ciruses and Taylor Swifts. And you know, I like some mainstream female pop artists too. Lady Gaga…Britney…I am all about it. I’m not a hater. Not every song has to be a battle cry, but I think its time for some new girls to rise up and challenge people to think about where we are as far as women’s rights.

So yeah, I know riot grrrl is over and has been gone so long now that I’m sure most people out there dont even know what I’m talking about. I probably sound like one of those 50 year old women that still say “groovy” and “far out” and think naughty thoughts about Mick Jagger.  Yet, I do know that people are inspired by history and past fads. (Otherwise, bad 80’s fashions wouldn’t have come back so hardcore this decade.) So I guess I’m just hoping that some young whippersnappers out there will read this and be inspired to start their own riot.  Cause someone out there needs to start singing some lyrics that force us to think about the fact that we are still not all seen as equals.  Gays still can’t get married, women still dont make the same amount of money as men, gays still cant fight openly in the military, women still have to work harder to get up in this life, etc etc ad nauseum right?  So lets get people talking and thinking politically and encourage conversations, new ideas, and not rhetoric.  Let’s help those that are held down or feel alienated realize that they are not alone and there is a source of power and understanding out there. Because I know thats what this music did for me.  I would do it, but no one wants to hear me sing.  I’d  make Kathleen Hanna sound like Celine Dion. 

Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill
Beth Ditto from The Gossip

Riot grrrl was an underground feminist punk movement that started in the early 1990’s, and it is often associated with third-wave feminism …Riot grrrl bands often address issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, and female empowerment…In addition to a music scene, riot grrrl is also a subculture;  zines, the DIY ethic, art, political action, and activism are part of the movement. Riot grrrls hold meetings, start chapters, and support and organize women in music. – Wikipedia

Queercore…may be distinguished by lyrics exploring themes of prejudice and dealing with issues such as sexual identity, gender identity and the rights of the individual; more generally bands offer a critique of society endemic to their position within it, sometimes in a light-hearted way, sometimes seriously.  – Wikipedia

Um, that first song is called “Suck My Left One”…what’s not to like??  Its followed by “Rebel Girl” (1992)

Love Long Distance

On Monday night, Coleen and I went to go see The Gossip play at the Henry Fonda Theater on Hollywood Blvd. The show was awesome! The only downside was that Beth Ditto was recovering from a cold so she wasn’t able to hit all her usual thrilling notes. She made up for it by getting the audience to sing parts of songs instead and that was actually really fun.

It was also a really weird crowd. A lot of older people (like in their late 30’s, and 40’s) which is cool, but I think made the audience less crazy dancey. It also seemed like people were mostly fans of the new album and didnt know their old stuff. Which made the experience feel sort of alien. Like usually everyone is so passionate and its about the movement and solidarity and it is just so electric, but the audience felt like they were just there to sway a bit and hear the dancey hits. I don’t know if it was different cause they are so big now, or if the NYC crowds just are usually more long-time fans.

Then there was the fights. Two major fist fights broke out on either side of us. Both of them were cat fights I think. It was hard to see the one on the left of us, but drink cups were thrown and one hit this girl next to us right on the noggin. She was blind drunk though so I doubt it affected her that much. Plus, about a 1/2 hour later she was throwing punches with some other lady. One girl, who totally rudely cut us to get to the front, got a black eye in the melee’. To which I say, that’s karma for you girlfriend!

JD Sampson’s new band MEN opened. They were really good. One day when I have money again, I’m going to have to download their album on iTunes. Before MEN, this LA based band called “We are the World” were first up. They were very different and really cool to watch. They were disguised in these sort of sexless outfits with black stocking face masks which they never took off and they had all these coordinated dances which were kinda like something you’d see in Vegas. Really theatrical and entertaining. I would go see them again.

I think Beth Ditto may have recognized us in the audience too. We were right up front as usual and if you don’t already know we have gone to like a zillion of their shows in NYC, and even in Washington DC, Philly, and Baltimore and danced along with them at the Beauty Bar after parties they go to in NYC. So its not out of the realm of possibility that she did. If so, she was probably totally confused being that now we are in LA and so she most likely thinks that we are nuts and traveled 3,000 miles this time to see them!

After the show we tried to figure out where there would be the usual Gossip after party. Like I said, back home we are used to going to the Beauty Bar after for more dancing. We drove around for like ever brainstorming and then I realized that LA is not NYC and the bars close at 2am instead of like 12noon the next day! It finally occured to me when I remembered they had announced on their website that they were having a “pre-show party” at some bar. I was wondering why the hell they would have a pre-show party and then it dawned on me….ohhh yeah, this is Los Angeles and everything’s closed…duh.

Anyway, here’s a clip from YouTube from the end of the show when they invited JD Sampson on stage with them….We were standing close to the stage in front of JD, but I dont think you can see us at all in the video.